Oxygen Masks

My pregnancy was nearing its end and it wasn’t the easiest or most glorious. I was ready to meet my baby, but I also knew that once he was here, getting my hair done and feeling great was out the window.  I splurged on a day at the spa. Life as I knew it was about to be over. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be. You guys… I love my hair and sometimes when I’m in a rut my ultimate fix is a hair care. My hair stylist and I were talking about how damn good it is to get your hair done. She explained to me a metaphor that I seriously want to get tattooed on my forehead. You’re on a plane and the flight attendant is going through the series of unfortunate events that COULD happen. They state “…If anything were to happen please put on your oxygen mask first and then help others.” Have you EVER thought of the irony between the two before?  You can’t take care of another human unless you take care of yourself first.

5 Things That Make Me Feel Like A Million Bucks

  1. Hair done. Nails done. Everything did. There’s absolutely nothing more refreshing than simply the smell of leaving the salon. I have no buyers guilt when I leave my salon. Schedule a day just for you get some highlights, wax your eyebrows, pick a nail polish that looks just as good on your nails as it did on the wall and rock it.
  2. Wedges. I spend my days with tiny humans, I crawl on the floor during circle time, I walk in wet grass on the playground, and somedays I leave work with glitter in my hair. But one thing that makes me feel polished with confidence and I believe it makes me teach better too, is a good pair of wedges.  Get a good pair that feels comfy and will match with just about everything. My personal favorites are Steve Madden Survive Wedge.  Ironic name, right? I wear them just about every day except for field trip day and even if my lesson was an epic fail, I’ve still got my wedges. If I can splurge on a nice shoe I can teach these kiddos the way they deserve to be taught.
  3. Paid bills. I don’t like being late to dinner dates, movies, plans with friends and I most certainly don’t like being late on my bills. When my bills are paid, it’s one less thing to stress about and one less thing on my To Do List. To become organized on your bills and when they’re due set up auto drafts if you can. If you can’t, space them out so you don’t feel like it’s Friday Night Just Got Paid and then broke as a joke. Set up your bills to be due at different times of the month if you can. Plus, you can’t buy that super adorable birthday gift for your bff if your bills aren’t paid. Ya dig?
  4. New underwear. I have no explanation, it is just the real deal.
  5. A Good Workout. Let’s be honest, its expensive being fit.  Gym memberships can get pricey and buying healthy food is not only time consuming but expensive too.  However, I feel better when I eat better and I eat better when I’m working out (otherwise it’s all a waste). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked myself out of going to the gym. Especially now with babes. Prioritize those workouts during nap time, do your squats in the shower, and do your planks during tummy time. I’m telling you…if you want it bad enough you will make time for it and you’ll be a better caretaker because of it.

The bottom line is this: Take care of yourself. How can you or me take care of a family, a baby, or even your fur babies if you don’t feel 110%?

Okay, so I’m challenging you…make a list. What are 5 things that make you feel like a million bucks but you never do them because of all the imaginable excuses you make in your head? Share with me those 5 things and commit to doing them for yourself!

Feeling this Bootcamp workout at Gator CrossFit

One thought on “Oxygen Masks

  1. I love this idea and I love your body, Britt! XOXO
    Here’s my list of what came to me first.
    1. New socks
    2. Hot coffee… Because .. Yes! It never stays hot
    3. Paid Bills are also amazing, I agree but money in my savings account also brings me joy
    4. Handwritten notes
    5. Napping on a blanket in the sun on a beautiful day


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