Baby Registry Must Haves

First time mom? You need these things and I’ll tell you why…

  1. Fisher Price Rock and Play  This little thing here is what Eric and I call “The Taco” because it literally looks like a taco. It made taking a shower possible with a new born. I plop him in it and carry him wherever I am in the house, especially in the first few weeks.  It’s snuggly and he slept soundly in it. He’s currently 3 months and he still is super content in his taco.
  2. Dohm Sound Machine  This was super helpful with creating a bedtime routine and also allowed us to do dishes without worrying that the clanking would wake Declan. He’s 3 months now and when it’s bedtime and the sound machine goes on, he’s out like a light.
  3. A Play Gym because tummy time starts week 1! I would suggest registering for two. I registered for one, which he loved but around 2.5-3 months we needed an upgrade. Luckily Declan’s 2.5-3 month mark fell around Christmas time so Santa (Grandma) was really good to him. This is his current favorite, Bright Starts and I adore it because of its versatility in music, functionality.
  4. Halo Bassinet was perfect for us. Our bed has some height to it and the Halo has an adjustable leg which was perfect.
  5. Diaper Genie was something I wasn’t going to originally get. I remember having one with my baby brother and I hated the darn thing…maybe because I was 7 years old trying to change a diaper and I could only handle so much. I truly couldn’t live without it now. We have the simplest one, its a trash can for diapers…no need to get fancy. You’ll need to register for these refills as well. Which reminds me…you will want some baggies for dirty diapers in your diaper bag.
  6. If for any reason you can’t breastfeed, a good pump is worth the money.  Check with your insurance first! We got ours covered. I got the Medela Sonata and it was really easy to use. You’ll need one of these because you will become VERY good at multitasking, a handsfree pumping bra.
  7. A Wipe Warmer because newborn diaper changes with a little boy can get messy and at 2 am anything to prevent this is helpful. He would also cry every. single. time. Eric and I would “nose goes” on the diaper changes because of the screaming. We hated being the bad guy. Not even a week home and we got this warmer which was life changing. Screams turned into smiles and the water fountain was out of commission. I’ve had zero problems with this and it’s super easy to use and set up.
  8. Black and white contrast books for tummy time play and entertainment in general. Babies don’t have the best vision. They can’t see in color quite yet, but they can see black and white images pretty well. Give them something that isn’t blurry! Here are few products I ended up purchasing that I didn’t have on my registry but use every day.
    1. Look Look 
    2. Hello Baby Animals 
    3. Black and White Images with Color Images   Declan will stare at these all day. It props up too, so its perfect for tummy time and also has a mirror.
  9. Some night lights I purchased after we brought the baby home were super helpful. It’s 3am and you’re exhausted, a little delirious and baby is fussing. Register for night lights so you’re not blinding yourself or waking the baby up with lights. I got these push lights and some regular plug in night lights. I put the push lights everywhere I would need to go during an early morning feeding. From the kitchen, to the changing table, your night table, and the bathroom.
  10. If you plan to formula feed, get a formula dispenser. Once I switched to formula feeding this little gadget made life on the go a whole lot better! It comes in different sizes and comes in a two pack. The actual dispenser itself has a funnel on the top which its a lot easier than make two bottles to mix when you need them and spilling formula all over your car floor board.

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