Utah Trilogy

Yesterday I was talking to my other half who’s million miles away, back home in Florida.  We were diagnosing my Cabin Fever that had developed over the course of two weeks which, for the record was also a combination of homesickness. Moving across the country has definitely been an adjustment. From getting my 4 month old on a plane, setting up our new home, learning my surroundings, and a million trips to Wal-Mart to get things that nobody told me I would need I’ve been shell shocked. We were discussing how to bring down my fever, haha. While Krista and I’s typical conversations are about how we plan to be super teachers, execute and save the world and all the little children in it, our failed attempts at dinner plans and life through and through…  this conversation started off with me writing a story about my dogs. While that would have been super entertaining for a second grader (love you, Krista) we concluded that a trilogy on the move would be more appropriate. SO, I’m going to share with you a three-part adventure of moving out west and all that it entailed (so far).  Like every good teacher does, I’ll break it down into three categories.

Part One: Flying With A (very busy) Infant
Part Two: Moving Out West (The Things You Need But Didn’t Know You Needed)

Part Three: Unfamiliar Places and Faces

Let’s get rolling.

 Part One:Flying With A (very busy) Infant


Declan was just shy of 4 months old when we flew from Florida to Utah, a 4 hour and 30 minute direct flight from Orlando. This flight had me stressing from the moment I booked it two months ago. Don’t be like me, because you have me! I’m going to help you not be stressed!

  1. Book a flight that is the best time of day for your babe. Declan has been a morning person since the day he was born. In fact, we don’t set alarms because we wake up to the sweet coos of Declan Bear. He’s most happy and chill after a good night’s rest.Also, book an aisle seat incase you have to get up and walk the aisles with your little bear.
  2. But also be prepared to throw your schedule that you worked so incredibly hard on (trust me, I know) out the window for the day and possibly the next day because you will be playing catch up, or adjusting to a new time zone.
  3. Take your car seat to the gate. This was something I had my mind set on from the get go because I’ve witnessed carseats getting tossed under a plane or just falling off the luggage cart in the middle of boarding. While I appreciate the people getting our luggage from point a to b, my carseat is also an investment. So, treat it like Fine China people. Also, how horrible would it be to arrive at your destination and your carseat be back where you left it?
  4. Wear your baby in a comfy carrier. This keeps them close to you, you limit their germs and people touching them, its secure and if your baby is anything like mine, people watching is a must. Number 3 and 4 might seem excessive and you’re probably saying “yeah, right I wasn’t born with 8 arms.” BUT here’s how we managed.  We used the handle on the carry on luggage and flipped the carseat over the handle.
  5. Formula prep! I mentioned before my formula dispenser has been a life changer (see original post in baby registry must haves). I use it every day from day to day to the night shift. I prepped bottles with the idea in mind that our flight MAY get delayed. I made a bottle for each hour that we would be in the air and I labeled them with small sticky notes. I made some full servings for Declan’s big meals, then I also prepped a few 2 ouncers for when his ears pop with elevation change.  I then went through security with two baby bottles with water in them. When you get to security just tell them you have formula and it’s not a hassle at all. We ending up using all 5 feedings that I had prepped. I will share a little secret … go through security with an empty water bottle (or two if you wish) and when you get on the other side of security you can use your empty water bottle to fill up at a water fountain. This saves you money because you won’t have to buy water to use for bottles on the plane.
  6. Entertainment for your baby. I read some blogs before I went that suggested hiding some of your kid’s favorite toys a week a head of time. This way when you reintroduce them on the plane, they’re excited. Well I tried this and Declan really could have cared less about them. So, my advice would be to just go to the dollar store and get you some new toys that light up.
  7. Head to Burlington or any home goods store and get a kids travel pillow. I used this thinking my arms would need some cushion while holding Declan during naps, which it worked great for. Declan also used it for Tummy Time on the plane and thought it was the most hilarious thing he’s ever seen. This may as well been his new toy.
  8. The last bit of guidance I have is, be patient and calm. I found myself getting super anxious during the descend and Declan was totally feeding off me. I also felt like every time Declan squealed or even started to cry everyone was judging me, like they were never a baby or something. I got up and walked Declan a couple times and luckily we had no turbulence so the seat belt sign was off most the time.

How I Packed Our Diaper Bag For Travel

  1. Make sure you have enough diapers to match bottles plus an extra. If you have a boy you always run the risk of a water fountain before you even get the fresh diaper on…
  2. Spare outfit for baby and you. Just incase there some projectile vomiting you don’t want to be wearing it the entire flight.
  3. Pack a gallon sized zip lock bag to put those soiled clothes in. Chances are you won’t need it, rather safe than sorry.
  4. A receiving blanket just incase the temperature on the plane is a little chilly.
  5. Phone charger, wipes, changing pad, and toys are a given.

Over all our first flying experiences was really positive and I’m forever grateful for my momma who flew with us. She was such a huge, huge help and confidence booster. Maybe some day I’ll fill those shoes…

Am I missing out on any more tips or tricks to flying with a little one? I figured this would be the easiest time flying since he’s so young. When we fly home next he will be a bit older and I know it will be totally different. Share with me!

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