How We Survived Teething

Tips and Tricks to help your little one cut those teefers!


It’s official Declan Bear has two front teeth and as much as I thought I would miss his gummy smiles I adore his little pearly whites.  I suspected Declan’s teeth were about to break through about two weeks before they actually did and I didn’t realize it for certain until he chewed on my fingers one day (a couple weeks shy of 6 months). I pried his mouth open and saw two white ridges peeking through. Declan had a few symptoms before teething that made me think we were about to hit a new milestone:

  1. Chewing on his pacie and fingers
  2. As odd as this sounds (and to some it may seem crazy) but I noticed his saliva became thicker
  3. All of a sudden sleep training was just not happening for us, we hit a huge regression wall (infants sleep less at night when their teething because they’re not distracted by things to chew on to numb their gummies) which was really tough because he would wake up crying and just inconsolable
  4. Eating less, the bottle was more of just a chew toy

Declan did NOT have any physical signs. His gums weren’t swollen and I couldn’t see any teeth prior to me feeling them. We really got double whammied here when these bad boys broke through, which took about a week to get him settled.  Man, did the sleepless nights make sense after this. I wanted to share some of the teething hacks we used to make Declan as comfortable as we could during this process with hopes that some can help your little too! Also, it’s never too early to let infants play with teethers and such, anything to help the gums thin around 4-5 months is always beneficial to the process!

We only used Tylenol once with these lovely hacks!

  1. Sophie the giraffe WENT everywhere with us, she’s such a champ. We got two one for the car and one for in-house play. Yes, that $20 giraffe in the baby aisle is worth every. Single. Penny.
  2. Chewbeads necklace this was perfect and adorable for momma to wear, easy for baby to get to and munch on with supervision!
  3. Chewbeads rattle
  4. Chewbeads ring
  5. Simple as it sounds- a frozen baby washcloth for him to suck/chew on
  6. I diffused lavender essential oils in his room for an hour or so at an initial bedtime routine
  7. Nuby teething ring. He’s obsessed with this thing and it also has hygienic bristles. I love this because you can put in the fridge and it also is enjoyable at room tempature. Great snag on this one Mimi bear!
  8. Frozen peas! That’s right, a dear friend and one of the mommas I always turn to for advice, recommended getting a munchkin mesh food feeder and putting frozen peas in it. Declan loved this and it entertained him for a while!

I’m sharing these tips for many reasons, but mostly because teething is tough and it’s important to keep your little one comfortable.  Trying a new and a variety of comfort tips is important to find what works best! The sleepless nights may call for extra cuddles and when they don’t want to be put down just squeeze ‘em a little tighter and remember this too, shall pass.


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