Easter “Basket” Fun

Trinket Ideas for Infants 0-1 Years

Happy Easter Friends! I hope you all are able to enjoy time today with your loved ones and celebrating our Awesome Jesus and the life he’s given us. Today I wanted to share a quick tid bit on what I put in Declan’s Easter TRUCK. Holidays and themes are my favorite, but this year especially because it’s a year of firsts for Declan. Well, I’ll hop to it! Here a few things we threw in Declan’s basket and could be purposeful for any baby 0-1 years old!


Start with your base, the actual basket:  Baskets don’t always have to be traditional!  Get creative with it! Trucks, play purses, or a beach bucket are always a neat spin to throw on a basket and also reusable!  I used a dump truck that I received from a dear friend at Declan’s Baby Shower.

Books- This year we celebrated Declan’s ½ birthday and our friends and family stocked him up on good Easter themed books. Touch and Feel books are Declan’s favorite right now being as he is starting to develop his pincher reflex. I’m all about new textures!

Pacifiers- you can never have too many! Plus Declan just hit 6 months so we had to restock on all pacifier sizes and nipples.  (Side note: If I were to go back and register for items at my baby shower, I would register for the first year of sizes for pacies and nipples)

Carrot Teether– I got this cute carrot teether off Amazon! What baby doesn’t need this??  It’s simple, affordable, and fit the theme perfectly.

50 first word picture cards– for babies 0+ and up! I love these because they have real photographs with colorful words and on the back there are antonyms.

Plastic Eggs- Mostly for decoration, but I filled 4 with rice and sunflower seeds to make egg shakers! We also used them for another activity we did with Declan on Easter Morning.

Stuffed Bunny- What Easter basket isn’t complete without a cute plush toy? My cousin got this for Declan before he was born. We play with it all the time so I tossed it in for fun!


Okay, now for the real fun! Declan just started scooting around last week and guys he’s picking up his speed!! We got some balloons and tied them to the egg. Declan thought this was so fun and it’s also a perfect cause and effect activity. Declan would scoot to the balloon and then tug on the string watching the balloon go up and down. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t just have to be an Easter activity. IT’s a cheap way to entertain your little one and get them moving!


What did you all put in your little ones Easter Basket?? I’m curious!

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