Stewart Falls

Hi friends!

After a 3-week preparation of getting back to the classroom I felt eager to be on the trail with family this past weekend. We drove up to Heber and finally hiked Stewart Falls Loop. It was gorgeous, challenging, and worth every rock I tripped on. While I could write a little synopsis of this hike I decided to take a different approach and talk about goals. However, if you are in the area please do yourself a favor and go hike Stewart Falls (and bring snacks).IMG-0802

One of my favorite aspects of hiking is the conversations you have when you’re on the trails. May it be with others or yourself, the trails really do allow for reflection and mental space. Eric and I have been in this transitional phase of life. Right now, we’re just living! Our lives together for the past 5 years have been one thing after the next: college, engagement, careers, marriage, baby and then we took a leap of faith and moved across the country. My 12 week maternity leave turned into 10 months and Eric hit the ground running with his promo when we got here. We wanted a house that was “move in ready” when we made that big move and it’s really been just that. And now we’re sort of at this stand still we’re asking ourselves “What’s next? What’s the future hold, what are our plans?”



While huffing and puffing to Stewart Falls we followed up our conversation from the previous night with our family! Goals are like a New Year’s Resolution, right? You make them and stick to them for a bit, but eventually life gets back to the grind after winter vacay mode wears off. Eric and I talked about the importance of goals, accountability, and steps we need to take to obtain those goals.


We broke down our areas that we wanted to take action on into categories: Personal, career, home improvement, social, and parenting. After setting individual goals in each category we drew up a timeline we wanted to follow to meet those goals and with that timeline were deadlines and check-ins (accountability).

It hard to set goals and continue setting goals once you’ve reached a certain point in your life or career. However, they’re so important to the health of your family and yourself.

So I want you to think about where you’re going and where you want to be in 5 years. What does life look like for you? Do you want to be in the same position you’re in now? Set some goals, dream some dreams and make a plan to reach those goals. Most importantly, find a person that will be your accountability partner and understands your passion behind these goals.


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