Ensign Peak SLC, UTAH



Ensign (pronounced en-sng not en-sign) Peak is a very popular hike in the city. It’s easy to access and not far from the city at all. The best thing about this hike besides the easy access, is that there are 3 different trails. The first trail is paved and super short, it takes you to a look out where you can find a map of what you’re looking at. In the picture above you can see the capital building to the far right.

Eric, Declan and I made this our first hike in SLC. It was a really clear day out and we decided to give it a try. Given the snow and rain combo the more extensive trails were wet and muddy. We tried our best to get to the main overlook, but I was such a nervous nelly about Eric (who was wearing Declan) slipping in the mud slide and both of them being cold, wet, and muddy). Not that I could have done any better, a lot of hikers were turning around.

History Lesson in 5 Seconds: Brigham Young (and 7 other pioneers) came to the top of this mountain to map out the city years and years ago shortly after they arrived in 1847.

If you plan to visit this hike in the snow I would suggest getting some spikes for your hiking boots because under the snow was a thin sheet of ice. You’ll also need some boots/shoes with ankle support because the trail is also incredibly steep. Eric and I also found it helpful to do some side stepping, which we felt inclined to tell everyone that struggled past us. It was like watching baby deer trying to walk on ice.

We can’t wait to go back and try this trail in the Spring when the snow melts so we can make it to the top!


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Declan’s first “mini hike”

Head on over if this peaks your interest! 🙂

Trail Head Address: 1002 N Ensign Vista Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 

A Weekend in Moab, Utah

Eric and I took a weekend trip to Moab, Utah in 2017. We were only there for 4 days in June, so incredibly hot, but worth it! Moab is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been.  I want to share our weekend trip with you. Before I went I did a lot of research and had our hikes planned to the day and time.

We flew into Salt Lake City (SLC) Airport and it took us about 4 hours to get to Moab. And guys it literally is 4 hours of desert and tumbleweeds. So pack some snacks!

We woke up at 4:30 AM to make the sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. It is an absolute must, so plan to start with this hike first.



Make sure to bring a light sweater because even in the heat of the summer, the morning air is thin and brisk. It was pretty crowded when we went and it’s a short hike to get to this spot.


Next we headed to Aztec Butte (still not sure how to pronounce that…) and it is a giant rock and we picked this hike because of the history it entailed. These trails weren’t really marked as well as most, but we made the best of it. We did get a little lost looking for the Anazsazi Granaries. They are hidden under cliffs, some more obvious than others, if you look for them you will find them! So cool!



Heading to Crater Overlooks and Skyline Loop. I want to go back and hike Skyline Loop, it was a bit longer and our energy was low and the heat was getting up there so we opted to do the shorter one.


There are two theories that are responsible for this crater. One is the Salt Dome Theory and the other is that it was caused by a meteorite 60 million years ago.  There are two overlooks we went to, this is the first you will approach and then the next is a mile or two past it. img_2263

We did these three hikes all before noon and started at 4:30 AM on Day 1. On our way out of the park we hit up Dead Horse Point



Day two we took on Arches National Park to see the main attraction. We actually were able to only do one hike and it was a longer one to Delicate Arch. It was hot and there was no shade. I cried on this hike, I felt like I was running on empty, eat you a good breakfast and hydrate before…duh.

Pictures don’t really do this one justice, it’s insane and doesn’t even seem like it was meant to be on the earth that surrounds it. There were a TON of people here and since the hike was very long, a lot of people were camped out at the top.


We called it a day after this and decided to go to a local swimming hole that I found on the internet. I wasn’t even sure if this swimming hole existed and in fact we were both skeptical once we were about half way through the hike following some random document I found online…BUT IT EXISTS!

Mill Creek Swimming Hole was the coldest, most dreamt of water after that hike and so so worth the heat. It was about 2 miles round trip. You do have to cross some water and we did see snakes, just be mindful. Pack your swimsuit and waterproof shoes. This is the address we followed to begin this hike Powerhouse Lane, Moab, UT 84532.


One of the best places we ate while we were there was a breakfast diner, Jailhouse Cafe. A little bit of historic diner and then we drove out to Red Cliffs Lodge for dinner at sunset. The food was great and so was the atmosphere.