Fostering A Love for Reading


Hi friends,

Lately Declan’s had me feeling all inspired (what’s new?) and he’s been really into books lately. I have only been capitalizing on this time because I know, like most 7 month olds, this too shall pass. Oh, but I’m hoping it doesn’t!

I’ve been reading to Declan since…before he was born. The life of a teacher, right? Even when he was days old we read books. As we developed our daily routine and schedule reading has always been a part of our day. There are so many ways to incorporate reading into your days with an infant. Right now we read a book as a “wind down” before naptime.  Declan knows when we sit in our chair to read that it is time to settle down for a nap.  When we go to restaurants or somewhere where Declan needs to be occupied, we bring books (and some toys that light up too). We read books in the bath and now he’s choosing to play with them over his toys. Declan is coordinating how to turn pages and now we’re starting to talk about pictures as he’s able to sustain his attention and focus for longer periods of time. I’ve got a little book worm on my hands! And gosh, I’m so in love.

So last week Declan and I arrived (almost late) to our reading class at the local library and to my surprise it was cancelled for the reset of the month. OMG. Nobody told me this, but I probably should have paid closer attention to the one out of fifty flyers on the door stating that it was cancelled… ANYWAYS, we made the most out of our trip to the library and Declan got a library card! Along with his library card he is also a part of a program called “A Thousand Books Before Kindergarten” which is a glorified title for his “Reading Log.” But I enjoy filling it out and I’m excited to give it to him when he’s older.

Reading truly does so much for children and it’s crazy how something so simple can affect a person so much.  I wanted to share some statistics that I usually send home to parents in my classroom and also some of Declan’s Favorite books with you guys! Reading is so important and the more we expose our children to books the better their background knowledge, vocabulary and lexicons, imagination, expression, phonics, word recognition, EVERYTHING! Ironically, Declan’s gym posted recently on a similar topic and I just loved this article and thought it was fitting. The Bump: Kids Who Are Read To Before Kindergarten Know 1 Million More Words Than Peers. 

Some numbers that stood out to me from this article!

  • Never read to: 4,662 words
  • Read to 1 to 2 times a week: 63,570 words
  • Read to 3 to 5 times a week: 169,520 words
  • Read to daily: 296,660 words
  • Read 5 books a day: 1,483,300 words

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 9.27.27 PM

Declan is still entertained with touch and feel books and I try to keep the books pretty general for his age. So, anything with the ABC’s or counting is good. Babies exposed to these concepts by repetition will be successful when it is time to learn these skills in school. Linked below are our favorite books right now.

Never Touch A Dinosaur

Never Touch A Shark

Never Touch A Dragon

Never Touch A Monster

Touch and Feel Baby Animals

Little Book About ABCs

Good Morning, Goodnight! 

Peek a Who? 

Baby Fish 

Ten Little Night Stars

Bath Books (They’re waterproof, you can also purchase these at Wal-Mart) 


What are you reading with your little one? I would love new recommendations!