The Living Room Hike

The Living Room Trail




Attempt 2 was a success Memorial Day Weekend!

If you’re ever visiting Salt Lake and Google “Salt Lake Hikes” it is very likely that this one will pop up. This trail is very common and the view is definitely worth it. The Living Room Hike will turn out to be a bit challenging if you aren’t from the area or used to Utah’s thin air. Our Florida lungs are still adjusting to the elevation change in general, let alone the dramatic change on this one.

The trail is highly trafficked especially in the early spring because everyone is just itching to get outside after the snow has melted. Everything is green and blooming it is truly beautiful. It isn’t marked and there are a lot of makeshift or cut throughs that people have created to get to the top. Make sure you have the All Trails App to see the actual GPS trail. You can certainly follow the crowds because there are several ways to get to the top.

Make sure to bring your hiking books and some snacks because there are a ton of rocks and steep inclinations. Snacks to enjoy the view at the top! The elevation change alone on this hike is 967 feet in less than 3 miles. This puts you 6,005 feet above sea level. That just gives me chills. Once you get to the top and pop a squat on the “rock couches” (seems like an oxymoron) you’ll want to enjoy your snacks while taking in the view. The reason this hike is called “The Living Room” is because the rocks at the top are arranged in ways that portray couches and love seats, essentially a living room and your t.v. is the City of Salt Lake.

I loved this trail because you literally could see everything in the city and all the major mountain ranges. There were a lot of people and dogs (on and off leash) and people of all ages.

To recap, don’t forget the following:

  • hiking boots and or spikes if it is winter seasons
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • snacks and water
  • All Trails App to stay on track

Ensign Peak SLC, UTAH



Ensign (pronounced en-sng not en-sign) Peak is a very popular hike in the city. It’s easy to access and not far from the city at all. The best thing about this hike besides the easy access, is that there are 3 different trails. The first trail is paved and super short, it takes you to a look out where you can find a map of what you’re looking at. In the picture above you can see the capital building to the far right.

Eric, Declan and I made this our first hike in SLC. It was a really clear day out and we decided to give it a try. Given the snow and rain combo the more extensive trails were wet and muddy. We tried our best to get to the main overlook, but I was such a nervous nelly about Eric (who was wearing Declan) slipping in the mud slide and both of them being cold, wet, and muddy). Not that I could have done any better, a lot of hikers were turning around.

History Lesson in 5 Seconds: Brigham Young (and 7 other pioneers) came to the top of this mountain to map out the city years and years ago shortly after they arrived in 1847.

If you plan to visit this hike in the snow I would suggest getting some spikes for your hiking boots because under the snow was a thin sheet of ice. You’ll also need some boots/shoes with ankle support because the trail is also incredibly steep. Eric and I also found it helpful to do some side stepping, which we felt inclined to tell everyone that struggled past us. It was like watching baby deer trying to walk on ice.

We can’t wait to go back and try this trail in the Spring when the snow melts so we can make it to the top!


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Declan’s first “mini hike”

Head on over if this peaks your interest! 🙂

Trail Head Address: 1002 N Ensign Vista Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84103